Sunday, 19 August 2018

Day 49, 18th August

Definitely a bit on the cooler side today, I had to wear a sleeveless jacket. We went up on the downs, how much it has changed since the rain

a lot more green

in the distance of the last photo you can see very tall haystacks on the horizon, I wonder just how tall the actually are.

and the meadow is now lots of seed heads.

Steps today 11484

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Day 48, 17th August

I really wish I had kept this up to date that way I could have been more detailed on my daily diary. Anyway I shall do my best to keep it going from today.
I did 12585 steps and have actually hit the 600000 mark. So excited.

The weather has cooled which means I am now not having to get up so early, so at long last getting a good nights sleep.

Today I walked round the back fields as they have mostly be harvested , the sun was shining but it was still very wet underfoot.

as I was coming through the field immediately behind our house I saw a hare, ou can just spot its ears on the left of the next photo half way down.

I haven't seen a hare in the back fields for years.

Today was a lovely walking day.

As much as I like walking I do find it better if I have company , time and steps pass so much quicker!

Day 34 - Day 47

I haven't blogged for so long because to be honest I have totally pooped!
Day 34 = 11795, 

Day 35 = 11438,

Day 36 = 15176

Day 37 = 12397,

Day 38 = 12037,

Day 39 = 13684,

Day 40 = 13245,

Day 41 = 11142

Day 42 = 12737,

Day 43 = 11449,

Day 44 = 12879

Day 45 = 11636, so the weather has changed and we have lots of rain, Darcy refused to walk this morning.

Day 46 =13184,

Day 47 = 11535

Friday, 3 August 2018

Day 33, 2nd August

We went to the vets yesterday to find out the results of Darcy's scan and he has been diagnosed with Mitral Valve Disease (MVD) heart murmur to you and me. He does not need anything currently, just got to keep him fit and believe it or not he has to get worse before he can get any medication.

Anyway this morning he was not very well so I decided to walk without him round the village. It is odd not having him with me.

I hadn't realised how much I chat to him, so this morning whilst walking, I think everyone in the village

will think I am a mad woman as I walked round the village chatting to myself!!

I wonder where all these planes where going?

Managed to hit my steps by walking up and down my very long garden a few times.

Steps today 11201

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Day 32, 1st August

Today is our 31st Wedding Anniversary, and I started it with my usual walk and my trusty side kick by myside.

He makes me smile with his quirky ways. Up towards Morgans Hill again this morning. This is about 7am and you can tell its started to warm up again. I am, sadly, going to have to start getting up early again.

you can't tell its rained, it is still so dry and brown.

I am still enjoying the walking, I am just having problems getting going in the morning and I am so

very tired. I thought I might have worked through that after a month, so have booked myself a doctors appointment just for a chat and a check up.

Steps today 11201.

Day 31, 31st July

31 days of walking! A whole month!! No missed days, unbelievable, If you had asked me a couple of months ago, could I have done this, I would have said a big NO! NEVER! IMPOSSIBLE!
Well, I have just blown that out the window, how do I feel? Tired, mainly, due to the heat and the early starts and late nights but I always enjoy the walking bit. Its sort of become a habit now.

Although the sun was out this morning it was a very pleasant 17C, a cool breeze and as I was late up (07.00) fortunately for us, (Darcy & I) there was no real heat in the sun.

I will have to start getting up early again, as the temps are due to rise again, this respite from the heat has been lovely. I like the sun and to a certain extent the warmth, just not the heat we have been having.

I have lost/mislaid my camera, I may have left it at my mums, so unfortunately we are back to photos from my phone.

Had to do an evening walk to make my steps up, the sun was out but a lovely cool breeze kept the temps down for us.

It was only as I was checking my steps and doing a bit of adding up, that I realised I have

hit the 400000 steps today woo hoo!!!! Steps today:- 12935,  giving a grand total of 402578

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Day 30, 30th July

A very overcast and currently dry morning and 17C. They have obviously tried to get the harvest in.

Muddy underfoot. I left later this morning, had a bit of a lie in, quite a treat.

No pretty cows this morning, quite sad really as they made me smile when I reached here.

Quite a change to the view with the clouds

Darcy normally hates puddles and avoids them at all costs, but he paddled through them today lol!!

Did some food shopping today so did not need to do an evening walk.

Steps today 11325